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This web site has been created because we at loves history, and especially the history behind Kronhuset and Kronhusbodarna in Kronhusparken in Gothenburg! Plan your visit in Gothenburg with Visit Sweden! Behind the well known Gustav Adolf’s square in Gothenburg you will find Kronhuset. Kronhuset is one of Gothenburgs oldest buildings. Only 21 years after Gustav II Adolf founded the city of Gothenburg, he began to build Kronhuset. This was in the mid-1600s and the house was supposed to be used as a storage facility for military equipment, military uniforms and more. Today, the historic building is used as a craft center, and it is a popular tourist destination for both the inhabitants of the city and its visiting tourists.

The different functions of Kronhuset

Kronhusbodarna has had many different functions through the years and we have compiled them here:

1670–1890: The Kingdom Hall in Kronhuset served as a church for the Swedish military.

1929: The City of Gothenburg took over Kronhuset, and the house was used as a storage space for the museum of Gothenburg.

1930-1969: When the City of Gothenburg had bought Kronhusparken in 1930s, the park was renovated. By the end of the 1960s, they placed new cobblestones in the park, and that is the same stones that remains today.

1970-1980: In the 1970s, Kronhusbodarna was rebuilt into shops, cafes and workshops.

Today: Kronhuset is being used as a concert hall by the ”Göteborg Wind Orchestra”. The Kingdom Hall is a reconstruction of the original and in the upper floors, the storage spaces ar maintained.

Kronhusbodarna are used as a craft center. The small sheds are used as shops. In the shops you can find everything from chocolate, caramels, cafés and patisseries to leather workshops and a pottery shop.

The history of Kronhuset

When Gustav II Adolf founded Gothenburg in 1621, it was an unfortunate state in Sweden, because Sweden was preparing for war against Denmark.

The city of Gothenburg was built to keep an important trading route open, as well as to protect the area where the opening of the river begins.

In 1640 the so-called ”Krigskollegiet” in Stockholm decided to build a house to store war equipment in Gothenburg. This lasted for 12 years and the house was completed in 1654, and the Swedes could start using it.

Kronhuset was in the limelight in 1660. Firstly, when its ground floor was used as a royal hall when Kung Karl X called nobility, priests, citizens and peasants to parliament. Secondly, when the king passed away rapidly, and his son who was only four years old, was appointed king in Kronhuset on march 1 in 1660.

In 1746 it was a big fire in Gothenburg, where Kronhuset managed, but the wooden houses that had been built around Kronhuset, in the so-called Kronhusparken burned down. They replaced these with stone buildings, which still remains today.

Kronhuset is sorrounded by Kronhusbodarna. First, the western row of houses, about 1750, was built as a warehouse and a carriage house. A few years later around 1759 the eastern row of houses was built, which was used by gunsmiths, saddleries and tumers.

What can you do when visiting Kronhusbodarna?

Kronhusbodarna is a craft center that offers many possibilities. You can find:

  • Café Kronhuset: Why not have a snack at Café Kronhuset. It is a very cozy café where you can have a coffee in a cozy environment from the 17 th century.
  • Concert hall: Take the chance to go to a concert in the concert hall.
  • Interior store: Shop furnishing here.
  • Pottery shop: Special order ceramics according to your own desire!
  • Leather workshop: Take the chance to visit Leather workshop.

Are you curious about what’s going on in Kronhusbodarna today? Check out this website to read about what’s currently up to date. And click here to read more about the stores!

Opening hours

Mon–fri 10.00–17.00

Saturdays 11.00–15.00

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